Applied Yoga Mobility: Breath Work, Diaphragm Mechanics and Conscious Relaxation

Master Yoga Training for Teachers and all Movement Professionals

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The Applied Yoga Breathwork Course is an in depth advanced training for all yoga teachers and movement professionals.

Breathing is fundamental to life. The diaphragm, the main muscle of respiration, often does not get the attention it deserves and thus loses its ability to attain optimal contraction and expansion. This can lead to anything from anxiety to back, neck and shoulder pain.

In this course students learn the foundation of all yogic pranayama. Proper diaphragm mechanics are taught as well as 360º rib cage expansion. At the end of the course you will have a more profound understanding of the body and mind as well as having a new set of tools to work with pain, dysfunction and hypertension.

The Applied Yoga Breathwork Course is one of a kind in the field of yoga, movement and assessment.

Take a major step in your career and join the increasing community of professionals blending ancient eastern practices with the intelligence of western science.

"Jory offers a depth of knowledge that can only come from direct experience and dedicated self-study. Without fail, every time I practice with him I walk away with new techniques to awaken my body and steady the mind. He naturally weaves together the integrity of all eight limbs of yoga and leads his classes with humor, focus and precision. Jory represents a powerful link in a chain of teachers going back centuries, and is himself, an embodiment of Yoga."

- Kevin Courtney, Yoga Teacher

What You Will Learn

The Applied Yoga Breathwork Course will teach you how to breathe properly and use the diaphragm to its full functionality. Through the foundation of awareness and conscious relaxation you will learn to deepen your experience of yoga and life.

In this program you'll learn how to:

  • Use the diaphragm to its full functionality
  • Expand the rib cage, both upwards and outwards
  • Apply the shallow diaphragmatic breath for deep relaxation
  • Use your asana practice to access different parts of the body with the breath
  • Use restorative yoga poses to increase energy

Ultimately, the end goal of this certification program is to teach you about the diaphragm and help you become the best yoga teacher and practitioner possible.

Your Instructor


Jory Serota is the founder of the Applied Yoga Seminars. He is a pioneer in establishing the connections between yoga, physical therapy, personal training and therapeutic movement. He has over 20 years of experience in kinesiology and various movement disciplines, including being a competitive tennis player and collegiate ultimate frisbee player.

Jory is also NeuroKinetic Therapy Instructor. He has trained thousands of yoga teachers and bodyworkers and is an influential figure in shifting the movement and therapy paradigm. He has a unique ability to make complex bio-mechanical information accessible to anyone and help transform people’s pain, dysfunction and injury.

Known for his knowledge of anatomy, Jory combines a precise and direct approach to teaching with his kind and warm sense of humor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this course count toward Continuing Education hours for yoga certification?
Yes, this course counts as 5 hours of CEUS for Yoga Alliance.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Try the Applied Yoga Breathwork Course for 3 days and if you do not like it or find the material not applicable, I will give you a full refund!
How do I get help during the course?
You'll get access to the Applied Yoga private Facebook group where you can post questions or any case studies you need help with.
How do I get certified?
There is no certification for the Applied Yoga Shoulder Mobility Course. To receive certification, you must enroll in and complete the entire Applied Yoga Mobility Certification Program.

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